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UGG Collection Amone


  • Why would you want to step in anyone else's shoes? Stand strong and walk proudly in the UGG Collection™ Amone.
  • Rugged split suede upper.
  • Cap toe.
  • Tonal stitching.
  • Pull tabs.
  • Metal stud accents.
  • Leather lining.
  • Foam-cushioned insole.
  • "UGG" embossed synthetic outsole.
  • Utilitarian tread.
  • Made in Italy.

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The Fall 2012 UGG Collection is inspired by those who made music that was fueled by an unbending faith to the authentic and unique.

Inspired by those who weren't afraid to fight the system, who yearned to standout and by those who found beauty in what was real.

The raw emotion of Rockers with strong, powerful guitars that hit you like a freight train.

The Balladeers who laud their wounds bare with emotional lyrics, iconic styles and music that touched your heart.

These musicians lived for today, pushing every limit, rejecting conformity, the establishment, and defining a time.

The Collection is defined by the unique display of personality that was both in the sweat and smoke filled backrooms of clubs and the stages of mythic arena concerts.

Eclectic energy and unbridled lyrics created music that was imperfectly perfect, like the vinyl we listened to them on.

There was no demographic or target market for this music. These songs weren't made for a group; they were made for the music, pure music.

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UGG Collection Amone

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