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Philip Stein Stainless Steel Buckle Bracelet with White Calf Strap

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  • Natural Frequency Technology
  • They'll never question your style when wearing this simple chic Philip Stein™ bracelet!
  • Stainless steel hardware with calf leather strap.
  • Toggle closure.
  • Box included.
  • Imported.
  • Measurements:
    • Width: 12 in
    • Diameter/Length: 8 in
    • Charm Length: 34 in
    • Charm Width: 34 in
    • Weight: 0.4 oz

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Discover a new world of timepieces with Philip Stein.

Philip Stein is a well-being technology and lifestyle brand focused on helping people live in tune through its innovative natural frequency technology. The company designs lifestyle accessories for better living including watches, jewelry, sleep bracelets and fragrance--all of which contain Philip Stein’s proprietary technology.

The proprietary Natural Frequency Technology inside Philip Stein watches and bracelets mimic frequencies that are believed to be beneficial to life and overall well-being. Research studies suggest that subjects wearing Philip Stein watches may experience reduced stress, more restful sleep, and increased wellness.

Available with dual and single time zone dials, a wide array of interchangeable fashion straps and bracelets, along with a beautiful variety of diamond and style options, a Philip Stein timepiece is perfect for any wardrobe or occasion.
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Philip Stein Stainless Steel Buckle Bracelet with White Calf Strap

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The good part. This bracelet really worked for me. I have researched the technology and I am not sure if it is the technology or a case of mind over matter but I have had a significant decrease in my appetite; cravings for junk food in particular. Also a significant decrease in my cravings for cigarettes. Both simply no longer taste the same or appeal to me. The bad part. The first bracelet I received had absolutely no information enclosed with it; no information about the technology, no warranty information, no contact information for Philip Stein Company. I had the bracelet a little over a week when I dropped it on the bathroom floor while putting it on. The metal piece came apart in three pieces! I could see how it fit back together but that is not something that I am willing to attempt for the price I paid for the bracelet. Zappos was happy to exchange it for me. I received my replacement today and was beyond disappointed to find that I had the printed information (although not more than a few sentences) and the warranty information and the strap but no metal piece! Again, Zappos bent over backwards to make this right. Both exchanges are in no way due to any error on the part of Zappos. They are entirely the fault of the Philip Stein Company. If you want to find out if the technology really works, I would suggest trying a less expensive version not made by Philip Stein.

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