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About Charriol

Philippe Charriol is a Renaissance man and entrepreneur. Formerly the President of Les Must de Cartier, Mr. Charriol decided on his 40th birthday to create his own brand by bringing that brand's lifestyle and luxury of watches to a more affordable value for a wider consumer base. He sought to create a brand of luxury watches targeted to an audience that was sophisticated, quality-conscious and sporty. Also predicated on his appreciation of antiquity and as an avid historian, Mr. Charriol based his new collections on the twisted cable designs of the ancient Celtic civilization.

The history of Charriol® USA is the fulfillment of the American dream. In the late 1970s, Jack Zemer, an immigrant with a background in mechanical engineering was working for the General Electric Corporation, while his wife, Sandy, sold gold chains at Tupperware-style parties to make extra money. Sandy's skills as a saleswoman led the young entrepreneur to generate more income selling gold chains than Jack did as an engineer for GE. An avid historian, Jack decided to try his luck with gold chains and after receiving accreditation from the GIA, went on to stone trading and eventually to designing jewelry with the Celtic civilization cable motif as inspiration. He and Sandy formed Alor™.

Fate brought the Zemers/Alor and Philippe Charriol together at a jewelry trade show and they agreed to put both Charriol watches and Alor jewelry under the brand known today as Charriol in North America. Their mutual appreciation and affection for antiquity and modernity in design laid the basis for the creation of a stunning brand of brilliant bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. The rest, as we say, is history.

Alor is the exclusive licensee of Charriol 18K Gold and Cable Jewelry in North America and the Caribbean Islands.

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